Lee, Ogle and Whiteside County property transfers: Nov. 17, 2018

November 17, 2018

Whiteside County property transfers recorded the week of Nov. 5

Warranty deeds

Jeffrey A. and Danielle D. Bright to Thomas W. and Valerie L. Dehoff, 1505 40th St., Sterling, $240,400.

Lafaughn C. and Richard F. Rosenow Jr. to Jeffrey T. Farrell, 696 Lyndon Road, Prophetstown, $57,000.

Erika C. Brown to Sarah M. Payne, 1318 Ave. A, Rock Falls, $80,000.

Larry and Kathryn E. Woolsey to Patricia Gallegos, 1206 Mulnix St., Rock Falls, $50,000.

Audrey D. Stegman to Brandon Meadows, 106 E. Second St., Prophetstown, $68,000.

Sheila R. Manon to Carlene Butts, 307 E. Second St., Tampico, $45,000.

Sterling Federal Bank to Lisa A. and Gustave E. Bloom, 502 W. Sixth St., Prophetstown, $25,000.

Federal Home Loan Mortgage to Jose I. Boites, 202 Stanley Court, Rock Falls, $16,200.

Paul Potts Trust to Tommy L. and Ruth M. Thayer, 506 W. 11th St., Rock Falls, $125,000.

Pearl H. and Michele A. Williams to Deborah S. Springman and James Fisk, 14290 Spring Hill Road, Prophetstown, $82,000.

John R. and Susan Bland to James Spangler, 519 E. Main St., Morrison, $94,000.

Jeffrey A. Zajicek to Lacey and Gregory Dean Inman, 226 11th St., Fulton, $125,000.

Mark L. and Dale R. Armstrong and Carol D. Schroeder Trust to Dale R. Armstrong Trust, two parcels in Clyde Township, $0.

Dale R. Armstrong and Carol D. Schroeder Trust to Mark L. Armstrong, three parcels in Union Grove Township, $0.

Dale R. and Mark L. Armstrong to Carol D. Schroeder Trust, one parcel in Clyde Township and one parcel in Union Grove Township, $0.

Ajika and Milaim Akiti to Akija Akiti, 2004 First Ave., Rock Falls, $75,000.

People’s National Bank Kewanee to Deann, Jeffery and April Hinton, 203 N. Lincoln St., Tampico, $8,000.

Matthew R. Saladino to Brandon Thompson and Brandy Schultz, 205 W. Fourth St., Tampico, $96,500.

Triple W Properties Inc. to Jane A. Pendgraft, 1211 1/2 W. 20th St., Sterling, $169,000.

Raymond D. and Miriam Joy Britt to Robert M. Muschal, 15875 Timberlane, Morrison, $113,000.

Robert M. Muschal to Gary F. and Beth E. Milnes, 15875 Timberlane, Morrison, $70,000.

Kurt K. and Carissa A. Wolf to Nichole Kuykendall, 202 Highland Ave., Erie, $144,930.

First Baptist Church Sterling to Sterling Schools Foundation, 1701 Sixth Ave., Sterling, $135,000.

Carl W. and Nancy E. Gates to Ryne J. Howard and Chandra M. Meyer, 23845 Tampico Road, Chadwick, $180,000.

Charlotte W. Elliott to Charlotte W. Elliott and Jennifer R. Freil, 1304 14th Ave., Sterling, $0.

John L. Paul to Lucas A. and Ashleigh R. Sandrock, 3300 Deer Path, Deer Grove, $418,500.

Lucas A. and Ashleigh R. Sandrock to Gayle Blackert, 21616 Mill Road, Prophetstown, $280,000.

Angela and Michelle Stolzoff and David A. Stolzoff Estate to John R. Koresko, 103 Sixth Ave., Sterling, $28,000.

M&C Unhinged LLC to Steven J. Troxell and Rachelle A. Yore, 1314 Sixth Ave., Sterling, $98,000.

Nathan Hubbard and Nic Holldorf to Matthew Saladino and Jena Hernandez, 616 W. 13th St., Rock Falls, $138,500.

Joseph M. and Renee M. Vasquez to Kenneth Nelson, 604 Second Ave., Sterling, $49,900.

Delores Laverna Vesel to Jessica and Ryan Schryver, 22156 Buell Road, Sterling, $167,500.

Nancy Tervelt Shay, now Bartels, to Jennifer L. Moore, 1514 Locust St., Sterling, $ 146,500.

Doyle D. and Carren J. Fullington to Laurence L. Fisher Jr. and Nikki L. Roberts, 306 Third Ave., Rock Falls, $50,000.

Walter Schultz to Kemar McKenzie, one parcel on West Second Street in Tampico, $6,000.

Gail Jellerichs and Corey D. Burch to Pamela R. Williams and Joanne M. Driscoll, 205 12th Ave., Sterling, $55,500.

Quit claim deeds

Naftzger International Inc. to Douglas A., Darren D. and David W. Naftzger, 203 S. Main St., Albany, $0.

Naftzger International Inc. to Douglas A. and Darren D. Naftzger, one parcel in Garden Plain Township, $0.

David R. Blanton to Renee L. Blanton, now Stevens, 1027 Shore Acres Road, Rock Falls, $0.

La Farms LLC to Daniel P. Portz, 710 S. Fifth Ave., Albany, $0.

Trustee’s deeds

Howard A. Vanzuiden, trustee, to Mrcleancars LLC, 1611 10th Ave., Fulton, $200,000.

Bob and Jan Prescott Trust to Robert W. and Matthew W. Prescott, Candlelight Inn, 2907 N. Locust St., Sterling, $0.

Mary E. Coon Trust to John M. and Kelli T. Hahn, 17628 Grandview Drive, Sterling, $18,270.

– Source: Whiteside County Recorder’s Office

Lee County property transfers recorded the week of Nov. 5

Warranty deeds

Courtney L. Teller to Christie M. Morrissey, 523 Armeida St., Dixon, $123,000.

David A. and Davonna L. Trueblood to Courtney L. Teller, 441 Countryside Lane, Dixon, $180,000.

Kelly and Ricky O. McLaughlin to Brandon M. Williamson, 910 S. Ottawa Ave., Dixon, $74,900.

April D. and Steven Skorup to Yosely Sabastian, block 24, lots 176 and 177, Woodhaven Lakes, Sublette, $10,000.

Lynda K. and Michael G. Crimmins to Eileen F. and John E. Crimmins, block 19, lot 29, Woodhaven Lakes, Sublette, $2,500.

Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Joanna Kemmeren, 405 Richardson Ave., Ashton, $52,500.

Dolores J. Reitz to Lyle R. Sword, 606 N. First St., Ashton, $60,000.

Kimberly and Robert Moore to Jesse J. Morris, 317 N. Sycamore St., Franklin Grove, $53,000.

Steven D. Ludwikowski to Eduardo Sanchez, block 19, lot 32, Woodhaven Lakes, Sublette, $2,000.

The late Frank G. Ludwikowski, Steven D. Ludwikowski, independent administrator, to Eduardo Sanchez, block 19, lots 31 and 32, Woodhaven Lakes, Sublette, $4,500.

Jerry E. and Sharon M. Drew to Courtnie L. and Nicholas T. Griffin, 1420 S. College Ave., Dixon, $250,000.

Bethany D. and Kenneth R. Callison Jr. to Julie A. Callison, 802 Richardson Ave., Ashton, $131,000.

Daniel J. and Phyllis J. Willard to Midland States Bank, 500 Chicago Ave., Dixon, $0.

Julia Powers, formerly Hall, to Gregory A. and Virginia E. Kraft, 622 Fourth Ave., Dixon, $40,000.

Executor’s deed

The late Sandra Jean Howard, Angela Brunen, formerly Miller, independent executor, to Jerry and Sharon Drew, 732 N. Dixon Ave., Dixon, $87,000.

Deed in trust

Carol Marlene Boigenzahn Common Trust to SRE Solar Origination 1 LLC, 1041 Schlipp Road, Harmon, $0.

Warranty deed in trust

William D. Handley to Roger A. White Trust, Roger A. White, trustee, two parcels in Dixon Township, $14,500.

Transfer on death instruments

Freida B. and Gary G. Potter to Angela C. and Jason G. Potter, Stephanie L. Potter-Glenn, Amy L. Rodenbaugh, and Susan G. Sperling, 401 Autumnwood Lane, Dixon, $0.

Richard A. Russell to Amy J. Bushman, Debra Russell-Tucker and Shelley R. Schopp, 508 N. First St., Ashton, $0.

– Source: Lee County Recorder’s Office

Ogle County

property transfers recorded Nov. 2-7

Warranty deeds

Askvig Boys Construction LLC to Dawn R. Furman, 5411 Harlan Drive, Rochelle, $107,000.

David F. Beguin to Anthony E. and Eve J. Lassiter, 235 Kelley Drive, Rochelle, $160,900.

Raymond Hall to Adam and Brittany Frisbie, 19640 E. Quarry Road, Monroe Township, $155,000.

Trevor D. and Alison J. Owen and Eric A. and Joanna G. Patrick to Barry L. Sanders Jr., 5743 S. Indian Trail, Flagg Township, $180,000.

Lyle and Barb Grobe to Johnathan G. Powell, 801 W. Fulton St., Polo, $55,000.

Mark and Annette Johnson to Elizabeth Bach, 919 Lafayette St., Oregon-Nashua Township, $138,000.

Ruth A. and Warren E. Ippen to Alan L. and Anne L. Wetzel, 1000 N. Junction Road, Scott Township, $1,070,748.

Richard A. and Kim M. Behringer to Patrick R. and Jennifer M. Alexander, 15336 West Grove Road, Brookville Township, $292,000.

Kable News Company, Inc. to Richard Haan Jr., four parcels on Main Street, Mount Morris.

Edward G. and Elizabeth W. Clift to Ryan T. and Angela J. Snodgrass, 8516 Byron Hills Court, Byron Township, $185,000.

Jordan B. Auker to David A. and Rebecca A. Marburger, 853 Hillside Drive, Byron Township, $314,900.

Andrew and Christina Mundt to Thomas and Camille Connell, 409 Mill Ridge Drive, Byron Township, $82,000.

Patrick A. and Jennifer Alexander to James M. and Kelly J. O’Hare, 224 E. Main St., Stillman Valley, $140,000.

John P. and Carla V. Young to Constant L. and Clarice L. Brisart Jr., 9344 Oakleaf Court, Byron Township, $245,500.

Michael A. and Kimberlee J. Mareth to Dean Rocha, 8510 Valley View Drive, Byron Township, $148,000.

Timothy G. and Victoria L. Martin to Trevor D. and Alison L. Owen, 709 N. Third St., Rochelle, $57,000.

Nationstar Mortgage LLC, doing business as Champion Mortgage Co., to Leobardo and Cira L. Landa, 901 N. Eighth St., Rochelle, $72,000.

Stuart D. and Cathryn A. Christenson to James R. and Stephanie A. Smith, 6748 S. Joanne Ave., Rochelle, $140,000.

Alexander R. and Tiffany J. Shattuck to Nickalas Harrison, 303 Main St., Monroe Center, $102,000.

John F. and Shirley D. Withrow to Jason E. Withrow, 312 Pacific St., Monroe Center, $50,000.

Evan P. and Priscilla A. Ruggeberg to Alexander R. and Tiffany J. Shattuck, 239 Walnut St., Stillman Valley, $122,000.

Ryan and Angie Snodgrass to Daniel A. and Allison M. Huntley, 9617 N. Blaine Drive, Byron, $286,000.

James P. Van Briesen to Derek J. and Heather R. Willey, 9348 E. High St., Stillman Valley, $235,000.

William T. and Patricia Folz to Alvin and Wendy Griffey, 1381 E. Kysor Drive, Byron Township, $85,000.

Derek J. Willey to Carolyn M. Gminski, 14 Prospect Court, Stillman Valley, $134,000.

Rachel DeVries Frisella to Thomas and Tara Elder, 434 Sunbeam Court, Stillman Valley, $122,000.

Quit claim deeds

Richard L. Zimmerman to Sherry L. Murphy, 1216 W. Seventh Ave., Rochelle.

Sarah N. Slavenas to Jeffrey D. Klopotek, 1306 Brookside Drive, Rochelle.

Kyle J. and Anton J. Burks to Anthony Kulavic, 707 Cottonwood Court, Taylor Township, $3,100.

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