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$5 Vehicle Fee Better Than Alternative

May 20, 2018 GMT

Editor: The Luzerne County Council passed the $5 additional registration fee for road improvements. Well, if the fee is actually used for the intended purpose I will go along with it and PennDOT has promised their share. I’d rather pay an additional fee each year of $5 then spend hundreds in purchase of new tires because of potholes, etc. This is a pretty good investment when used wisely. But we need to hold county council accountable that this is what and only what the additional fee is for. A special audit of these funds needs to be put into place for all to see. Let’s see who votes for this audit. A non-vote be aware, very aware. I know some on council agreed for passage of the fee and others have not. I also understand their concerns. However, roads are in very, very poor condition. Those that voted against the new $5 fee can now work for the voters to be assured that all proceeds go toward road improvements as promised and only their intended use. John J. Bryan WILKES-BARRE TWP.