Lisa Hinman: Don’t count trade deals before they’re hatched

January 13, 2019

Editor: Responding to the recent letter by Mike Bretzing, the trade deal with Mexico has not been firmed up yet nor do we know what the trade deal is going to bring the U.S to supposedly make up the cost of a wall.

Most of the illegal entry into the US are coming through our airports. “Government data shows that arrests are down at the border most illegal immigration occurs when people overstay their temporary visa.” (from all countries) Are you concerned about all the people coming illegally from other countries or just Mexico? Illegal immigration at the border has been decreasing since 2000.

The decline is partly because of technology upgrades and tougher penalties. A wall is a medieval approach. Once built, illegal immigrants will successfully find ways to overcome the fixed barrier.

An appropriate barrier marking the location of the border is appropriate. Spending money on border security upgrading with new technology for deterrence, detection of illegal entry, border entry drug detection, identification and tracking off violators that results in their capture and prosecution makes more since. Technology and smart science is the answer to better border security, not a primitive wall.

Lisa Hinman

Lake Havasu City

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