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43 attorneys general ask streaming industry to stop smoking

August 7, 2019 GMT

SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP) — Forty-three of the nation’s attorneys general are asking the streaming industry to limit depictions of tobacco use in their videos.

The letters sent Wednesday say that the videos often open “a Pandora’s box of tobacco imagery” that can influence children to become smokers. They cite the U.S. Surgeon General’s 2012 finding that watching movies with tobacco use increases the likelihood that adolescents start smoking.

The attorneys general ask the companies to drop any tobacco images from future original streamed content for young viewers.

They want the industry to also recommend tobacco-free videos for children, families and general audiences and to stream anti-smoking or anti-vaping public service announcements before any videos that include tobacco use.


The Streaming Video Alliance did not immediately respond to requests for comment.