Gary Meese: A little honesty about Trump and the media

March 8, 2018 GMT


How about some honesty? When I think of President Trump, I think of the words crude, classless, egotist and self-centered. Some examples: In 1994 he gave an interview in which he talked about how much fun it was to cheat on his wife. I think we all recall during the GOP debates about his words concerning Megyn Kelly “she is bleeding from where ever.” During the campaign I heard him tell crowds how very rich he was. Something tells me that a millionaire like JFK never did this sort of thing. Since becoming president, three times I have seen him walking up or walking down the stairs leading to Air Force One during a rain storm. Each time he hogged the umbrella thus leaving his wife to fend for herself. Hey, there are always exceptions, but overall I think it is safe to say that Donald Trump does not treat his fellow human beings in a good manner.

Here is more honesty: Both CNN and MSNBC were shocked when their girl did not win the election. I can just picture the management at these networks telling the employees that while Trump is president we will pretty much ignore the positives and really tub thump the negatives. Overall the economy is doing pretty good. The stock market is doing very well and thankfully our nation is not involved in any new wars.

How often does CNN or MSNBC cover these topics? They would rather spend hour after endless hour discussing President Trump and Russia. Very true, this entire Trump-Russia story might turn out to be very big. But for all their yammering thus far the Trump-Russia story does not amount to anything.

Once in a great while I think CNN has talked about the Kate Steinle story. But I do not believe Rachel Maddow has ever once mentioned it. After all, this might put illegal aliens in a bad light, and wouldn’t that be terrible?

But in my view Fox News is no better than CNN or MSNBC. Some of the on the air people at Fox talk about President Trump as if he is some sort of saint. In my opinion all three of these agenda-driven news networks have done more harm than good for our nation.

I have to give a bit of a thumbs-up to both Laura Ingraham and Tucker Carlson at the Fox network. Sure, many times I will not agree with their views. But at least these two hosts interview people with whom they will disagree. It is very rare for a Sean Hannity to do this sort of thing. By the way, who is more repugnant; Sean Hannity or Rachel Maddow?

Gary Meese

Lake Havasu City