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Press release content from NewMediaWire. The AP news staff was not involved in its creation.

1k Daily Profit Review - Is it a Profitable Investment?

August 29, 2020 GMT

New York, NY - ( NewMediaWire ) - August 28, 2020 - Smart crypto traders have made the switch from the manual trading methods, and are now interested in trading with automated cryptocurrency systems. According to the poll results published on the official 1k Daily Profit website, the has been an increase in the number of new registrations by investors who would like to join. The owners of 1k Daily Profit have described their automated crypto trading platform as the solution to low earnings from the crypto market.


The owners of the crypto trading robot have confirmed that existing users are already earning more money than they expected. And considering the simple process required for the investment, the owners of the automated crypto trading platform have called their brand the best in the market.

1k Daily Profit Review

Earning a daily profit will become a normal experience for all users, going by the comments that have been written on the website. The production team who have designed the features of the automated crypto system has confirmed that only the best and most expensive tools were used to develop the trading robot.

Some of the features have been highlighted on the website; the management team has informed their audience that it is necessary for all users to become familiar with the different features. Knowing what each feature does will lower the chances of errors or glitches while trading with the system. Visit 1kdailyprofit.com to check out their auto trading platform.

Fully automated crypto trading system

One of the most popular features of 1k Daily Profit crypto trader is the world-class automated trading platform. The trading robot has been designed to complete transactions independently, without the intervention of any user. The idea behind creating a fully automated crypto trading platform has been explained.

The management team has confirmed that they needed to ensure all users who trade with the system earn so much money online. They also confirm that it is possible for new users to trade with the platform because the fully automated trading system does not require any form of expertise before it works perfectly.

Account registration portal

It has been confirmed that users who need to register accounts quickly can achieve their goal with 1k Daily Profit. The existing users have stated in their testimonials that it takes less than three minutes to complete the account registration process. The crypto trading platform is unique and easy to use. It is essential that the account registration process is made easy; this is an aspect of the automated crypto trading platform that will add to the excellent user experiences as reported by many investors who trade with the system every day.


The comments about account registration on the auto trading platform have revealed that the account owner only needs to provide little information which includes the username for the account, password, email address, phone number and in some cases the details of a local bank account they would like to link to their crypto trading wallet.

Automated verification system

There is a special feature installed on the site. The verification system has been activated across the platform. It works when a new user is creating an account, or performing tasks such as making a deposit or withdrawal. The verification system has been designed to check and confirm the details of all investors who have applied to register an account.

Also, a two-step verification system is used to confirm the identity of users before gaining access to the trading account.

Automated payout feature

The platform offers users the convenience of an automated payout system. The payout system is said to eliminate the lengthy process of sending requests for the calculation of the investor’s earnings after the trading session ends. The payout system has been designed to calculate all earnings and remove the service charge, which is a small percentage of the investor’s profits.

The management team has explained the service charge system. In a statement published on their website, the management team confirms that there is a need to take a service charge, which will be used to manage the auto trading platform. They have confirmed that the service charge is only a small percentage of the user’s profits, and it is not taken if the user does not earn a profit after the live trading session ends.

Customer care system

There is a standard customer care system on the crypto trading platform. The creators of this automated trading robot for cryptocurrencies have confirmed that they are interested in making their platform user friendly. According to the team, the goal is to ensure that all investors have a wonderful and profitable time while they trade cryptocurrencies with 1k Daily Profit.

The customer care system works 24/7, and it has been described by existing users as one of the most responsive systems they have used.

How much are investors earning?

There have been questions about the profits earned by existing users. The management team has pointed out that no defined method can be used to confirm the earnings on the site. Instead, the team insists that the income gained by all users is dependent on the capital they have invested.

There have been reports of earnings that have broken the records when compared to other profits. Some traders claim that they earn up to $5,000 every day; however, looking at the general records, a conclusion can be made regarding the earnings.

It can be concluded that an average user who trades with 1k Daily Profit every day will earn a minimum of $800 after trading with the lowest acceptable deposit, which is $250.

Fast withdrawal system

While creating a new account, all users are encouraged to link a local bank account to their wallets on the site. This is done to ensure that there are no delays when a user sends in a withdrawal request. The general information about the withdrawal of funds from the system points out that it takes about 24-hours to complete a withdrawal request.

The system has been designed to leverage the connection with local banks and collaborative efforts to ensure that all users get their profits as quickly as possible.

There have been assessments to confirm whether the smart crypto trading system is safe for all investors. The research has revealed that the entire system is protected by some of the best antivirus programs. The antivirus systems are reputable, and the licenses show that they have been set to offer premium protection.

The need for the protection of all users cannot be overemphasized. The crypto trading system is used to process millions of dollars paid in by existing users who want to trade cryptocurrencies. The money used for trades and other confidential information is secured on remote servers and storage systems.

Trading risks have been eliminated

The owners of 1k Daily Profit have confirmed that all forms of trading risks have been completely eliminated from the system. This may be the reason why the positive testimonials from new and existing users never seem to end. Everyone is making so much money with the auto trading platform.

Final thoughts about 1k Daily Profit

The expert crypto traders whose reputation online is outstanding have recommended the automated crypto trading platform to everyone. They claim that it is the best online, and the idea of making money from the crypto market can be realised with 1k Daily Profit.

Please read more information about 1k Daily Profit here.