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Gambino Family Members Sentenced to Prison for 15 Years

June 15, 1994 GMT

NEW YORK (AP) _ Three members of the Gambino crime family who pleaded guilty to drug trafficking and murder charges were sentenced to 15 years in prison.

Giovanni ″John″ Gambino, 53, Giuseppe ″Joe″ Gambino, 48, and Lorenzo Mannino, 35, pleaded guilty in January to conspiring to violate federal racketeering laws and taking part in a 1988 murder. The plea was part of a deal with prosecutors after a jury failed to reach a verdict on other charges.

Prosecutors said John Gambino’s admission that he helped peddle 1,000 pounds of heroin was the first time a Gambino captain pleaded guilty to drug trafficking. Joe Gambino was an alleged crime family soldier and Mannino was an associate.

The two Gambino brothers allegedly headed the Sicilian faction of the Gambino crime family in America. They are cousins of the late Carlo Gambino, who headed the family most recently led by John Gotti, now serving a life prison term.

Leisure said each will be put on probation for three years after completing their sentence.

Still unresolved was a charge of bail jumping against the two Gambinos, who skipped out on a $5 million bond before being recaptured by FBI agents last year at a hotel in Fort Lauderdale, Fla.