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87-year-old Burley store going strong

May 8, 2018 GMT

BURLEY — Since 1931 Farmers Corner, 202 S. Idaho Highway 27, has served Cassia County residents.

The Kelley family first opened the store across the street from its current location and it soon became the go-to place for farm equipment, farm supplies and gasoline.

Over the years it was revamped into a grocery store, gas station, deli, catering business and it processes wild game.

In 2017 Jason and Emily Pollard purchased the store from Lonnie and Gay Downs – and it still offers the same services but has expanded to include outdoor sporting, hunting, camping, fishing, automotive supplies and propane exchange.

“We are a part of the community and feel it is important to offer jobs to local residents and provide services at an affordable price” Jason Pollard, said. “Farmers Corner has been around 87 years. It is a landmark in the area. People not from the area know where Farmers Corner is or have heard about it because it has been here for so long. Our slogan is—we know our roots—because those roots run deep within the community. We want Farmers Corner to be here for a long time to come.”

The team has worked hard to update equipment and build the store to meet customer needs.

The entire store has been reset and offers more grocery selection and it has a bigger kitchen to accommodate an in-house deli and catering services.

The Pollards look forward to the future and the opportunity it holds for Farmers Corner.

For more information call the store at 208-678-5130.