WINGATE, N.C. (AP) — The NCAA has given former Wingate women's basketball coach Barbara Nelson a two-year show-cause penalty for providing players with money and prescription drugs.

The school on Wednesday also was given one year of probation and vacated all 24 victories from 2011-12.

Nelson was not named in the report, which only says the former head coach gave a total of $160 on seven separate occasions during the 2010-11 and 2011-12 seasons to four players.

In one case, $80 went to one player as an advance on her $100 per-diem. A total $80 went to three players in amounts of either $10 or $20 for gas money.

The report also says the coach gave 7-10 of her leftover pain pills in 2011-12 to an injured player whose anti-inflammatory prescription had run out.

According to the report, the coach — who is not licensed to distribute prescription medication — failed to promote an atmosphere of compliance. It says she did not contact the compliance staff to inquire about giving the player the pills because "she did not want to be told no."

The report states that the coach paid half of another player's $300 enrollment fee.

Nelson's show-cause penalty took effect Wednesday and will last through May 7, 2015.

Nelson, who resigned in May 2012 and is coaching the women's team at Myers Park High School in Charlotte, said in an email to The Associated Press that she "never believed my conduct to be in violation of NCAA rules.

"I freely admitted to all conduct and cooperated fully with the NCAA," she continued. "In my heart, I only had the best interests of my players and the university."

The school's probation ends May 7, 2014. It self-imposed a $5,000 fine and vacated those wins from 2011-12 as well as its South Atlantic Conference title and appearance in the Division II tournament.

Athletic director Steve Poston said the university "acted immediately" by self-reporting the infractions to the NCAA and "cooperated fully with NCAA staff" throughout its investigation