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Teens grab elderly woman’s purse, she chased them in Woodman’s, Madison police say

January 31, 2019 GMT

A 72-year-old Madison woman grocery shopping had her purse snatched Wednesday, but she chased after the two teens involved in the theft, as one dropped the purse before both fled the store.

The theft happened at about 3:15 p.m. at Woodman’s, 711 S. Gammon Road, Madison police said.

The woman had been looking for a box of cereal when the suspects, a 14-year-old male teen and a 13- or 14-year-old male teen snuck up on her.

“One snatched the purse from the shopping cart and both took off running, with the victim in pursuit,” said police spokesman Joel DeSpain. “She was yelling ‘He’s got my purse! Stop that man! He has my purse!’”

Other shoppers came to her aid, with the teen holding the purse dropping it and the other teen hold a gun tossing it into the snow. The gun was a facsimile gun.

Both teens were seen running down Schroeder Road.

“Police identified one of the thieves after checking surveillance video, but he wasn’t located,” DeSpain said.

The victim got her purse back and took a few minutes sitting on a bench to compose herself before continuing to shop.

“She still needed to get her shopping done before braving the cold and getting back home,” DeSpain said.