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Orchids and Onions: Thursday, May 17, 2018

May 17, 2018 GMT

Another beautiful day in Havasu...

Orchids to Havasu Animal Control and the LHCPD for all the help and kindness with my dog (Jake) on a Friday. I never could have done it by myself. Sorry I didn’t get your names but you know who you are.

Orchids to Dr. O’Brien and his office girls for all the loving and blessed care of my husband Tony. You are not only professional but caring and have gone the extra miles for us. Paula

Orchids to HRMC 3rd floor. Nurses and CNAs were so kind and caring as is the regular staff. They went above and beyond job. Never did anyone have to wait. Anthony C.

Orchids to Kelly at Western Alarm for being too sweet and is a great representative for the office. She is always a pleasure to talk with. GW

Orchids to Trevor, Gene, Bob and the whole service crew at Cowboy’s RV. They worked hard and after hours to get our RV back on the road. We will continue to have them take care of it in the future. Dolphin Owners

Onions to the lame person who bought a “butt blaster” at a garage sale without instructions. He could have found instructions online and not hurt himself. He blamed the seller. It is always someone else’s fault when we do something stupid.

Onions to holding the children hostage and attempting to put your shortcomings on conservative leadership. Instead of throwing money away on frivolous school applications put your energy toward quality education. Stop whining. Teachers are required to work 190 days when others do 260 days a year.

Orchids to the gentleman ahead of me at Bashas April 20 who left money with the cashier to pay for my groceries. What a kind and generous thing to do! It was very much appreciated. Thank you. I’ll pay it forward.

Orchids to Juicy’s cook and waitress Coreena for excellent service. Requested something not normally served till after 4 p.m. (beef stroganoff). Made our day by doing it for us. Had company from Canada and bragged to them about the stroganoff.

Onions to the facility. Called March 1 to make an medical appointment. Told the next opening was May 15. How ridiculous.

Onions to the guy who scratched his valuable jade belt buckle on a restaurant table. If your belly sticks out that much to scratch your belt buckle, think about skipping a few meals!

Orchids to Cross Cut’s awesome gift to our golf tournament! Thank you. You guys rock!

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