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Houston Chronicle’s newest podcast is a blast from the past

February 28, 2019 GMT

Imagine it’s the spring of 1969: The Vietnam war is waging on, campus unrest is at an all-time high and NASA is racing to put a man on the moon before the Soviet Union.

That’s where the story of Houston Chronicle’s newest podcast, “Cigarettes and Rocket Fuel” begins. The podcast, which launched Thursday morning, follows broadcasters Alex Stuckey and Andy Dansby as they recap the weekly Apollo news on fictional radio station, KHCN-AM 4747 in Houston, Texas.

The weekly podcast will air each Thursday leading up to the 50th anniversary of the July 20, 1969 lunar landing. It’s just one small part of the Chronicle’s six-month project, “Mission Moon,” which drops March 10.


Listen to the podcast here on houstonchronicle.com.