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Satellite internet is about as reliable as the weather

February 26, 2018 GMT

Q. I got an ad about HughesNet. Considering MY AT&T bills, it’s intriguing. Have you heard any comments about reliability, customer satisfaction or anything about it?

A. HughesNet is an internet provider that uses satellite technology to deliver internet access.

The plus side of satellite internet is that it is accessible to anyone, anywhere as it is not tied to cables or wires to connect you directly to the provider. That means people in rural areas not serviced by AT&T or any of the cable providers can get broadband access.

The downside is that companies like HughesNet can have some very restrictive data caps. That means you get a certain amount of data at your subscription fee and it is slowed down once you exceed the limit.

Satellite internet is also more unreliable than other types of access. Weather and other atmospheric interference are factors.

Personally, I would use satellite internet only if I had no other options.

Q. When I start my computer. I get a popup from Microsoft OneDrive asking me to log in to my account. I have no account and don’t use any of the programs, such as Xbox, that need an account. It goes away with a simple click on the X but I want it to never appear. It there a way to do that?

A. You basically have two options. You can remove OneDrive completely by using Add/Remove programs and uninstalling it like you would any other application. Assuming you don’t want it at all.

Or you could just disable it so it’ll stop bothering you.

To do this, look in the notifications area of your Taskbar down on the right, next to the clock. In there should be the One Drive icon. It looks like a couple of clouds. You may have to click on the up arrow in the Taskbar to reveal this icon.

Once you find it, right click it and select Settings. This will bring up a window with all of the setting for OneDrive.

Under the Settings tab uncheck the box next to Start OneDrive automatically when I sign into Windows. Then, under the Account tab, click on Unlink this PC to disassociate your PC from the OneDrive service.

This will disable OneDrive, but it will still be accessible if you want to use it later.