Letter to the editor: Ashamed of Trump’s ‘success’

September 7, 2018 GMT

Donald Trump’s presidency is an unparalleled success.

During the 2016 campaign he convinced many voters that he was misunderstood when he mocked a disabled reporter, when he insulted Gold Star families, when he boasted of groping women, when he dissed John McCain, when he cheated students at Trump University, when he showed his ignorance about a judge’s heritage and many other times.

Since his election, he has succeeded in embarrassing leaders of friendly nations while cozying up to dictators. His unabashed admiration for Russian President Putin ignores the former KGB agent’s crimes against political opponents, annexation of Crimea and invasion of Ukraine.


His constant lying is accepted by his base as truth. Others, mainly Republican political leaders and office-holders, bow before him, intimidated by his presence, afraid to speak truth to power.

He disparages U.S. intelligence agencies, won’t accept facts and calls the media “enemies of the people.”

His policies have resulted in separating parents from their children, and he blames others.

As a xenophobic racist he has brought disgrace to the presidency.

Yes, he has succeeded in all of the above. I for one am ashamed of and for our president and our nation.

Glenn R. Plummer