Steelers’ Antonio Brown drops by ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’

July 21, 2018 GMT

It seems like Antonio Brown is all over the news these days. And training camp hasn’t even begun.

Just one day after EA Sports revealed Brown would be the cover player for “Madden NFL 19,” Brown stopped by ABC’s “Jimmy Kimmel Live” on Thursday night to promote the game.

Brown shared the spotlight from the beginning, entering with two of his children in tow. Autonomy, 4, and Ali, 3, walked out holding hands with their dad, who seated them (both) in the chair next to him.

Brown, in Los Angeles to attend the ESPY Awards, was beaming -- and sparkling. Around his neck was a thick diamond-and-gold necklace with a rectangular pendant.

“How much does a necklace like that cost?” Kimmel asked Brown.

“Top secret,” Brown said with a smile on his face.

Kimmel joked: “Hey boys, Daddy spent all your college money on a necklace.”

Referencing Brown’s 2016 stint on “Dancing With the Stars,” Kimmel said he lost $1,000 betting on the Steelers wideout to win it all.

“I really appreciate you supporting me in that, too,” Brown said, later adding, “I got you after the show.”

As for how he felt not winning the celebrity competition, Brown said, “You never wanna lose, but when you’re going Nyle (DiMarco) ...” DiMarco was the eventual winner of Season 22.

Regarding being the latest player on the cover of Madden, Brown said he’s known since February. However, as Kimmel pointed out, Brown’s dad, Eddie Brown Sr., dropped the spoiler news with an Instagram post.

“He wanted to be the first one (with the news),” Brown said.

Kimmel brought up the fact that Brown is the only “Madden” cover player to appear without a helmet.

“Was that your decision?” Kimmel asked.

“Obviously, right?” Brown replied. “We did some shots with the helmet, (some) without. I think it’s really cool to be on there without the helmet. ... You get a chance for people to see my face.”

At Wednesday night’s ESPYs, Brown lost the Best NFL Player trophy to Tom Brady. Brown was nominated along with Todd Gurley and Aaron Donald.