Not much time to rest for comic/actor Adam Ray

January 17, 2017 GMT

No doubt about it.

Adam Ray is addicted to performing. He’s 34 and has bundles of energy, which is why he’s a master juggler of sorts, working on numerous aspects of his career all at the same time.

Ray-the-stand-up-comic is coming to Comix at Mohegan Sun for four shows Thursday through Saturday, Jan. 20-22. He is also a very successful voice-over artist, writes and produces original sketches for his website and is an actor in television and film roles.

“Adam is likely best known as the bad guy opposite Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy in Paul Feig’s buddy cop comedy ‘The Heat.’ He can also be seen in McCarthy’s movie, ‘Spy.’ And ... (he is in) Feig’s reboot of “Ghostbusters,” in which he also voices the iconic character of Slimer,” Comix said.

Ray co-hosts the new comedy game show “Separation Anxiety” on TBS with comedian Iliza Schlesinger. His television appearances also have included “2 Broke Girls” on CBS and “According to Jim,” which aired on ABC. Other spots have included those on “Workaholics,” “Arrested Development,” HBO’s “Silicon Valley,” “@Midnight” and “Chelsea Lately.”

For television or radio ads, he has been/or now is the voice for Hyundai, Burger King, Brooks Brothers, McDonald’s, Coca Cola, the San Diego Zoo and has done promos for Disney’s “The Princess & The Frog” and Universal’s “Jungle Report.” And the voice on several video games.

“I’m not married ... no kids,” he said of always being available for another project. Born and raised in Seattle, Ray said he has been very active the past decade. “The more you do, the more people you meet,” resulting in more job offers, he said. “I’ve always wanted to fill my life with adventure and travel.”

Ray, who lives in Los Angeles, said he’s been hooked on acting and comedy since elementary school.

“In fifth grade, I was teased a lot. I was the goofy kid. But I was really good at impersonating the teachers and friends during recess and inbetween classes. All lighthearted stuff. By sixth grade, I was no longer the fat kid, I was the funny kid. And that was way better.”

After high school, Ray received a bachelor’s degree of fine arts in acting in 2005 from the University of Southern California’s Acting Conservatory, according to his bio.

“I consider it a real gift to see the ‘funny’ in so many things in life; it’s part of my skill set. I feel very fortunate,” he said. Comedy “teaches you a lot about your own life. Five years from now, who knows what I’ll be doing? You can always be better at what you’re doing, and I’m hoping I’ll evolve.

“I know it’s cliched, but I love performing stand-up ... the immediacy, the adrenaline and always chasing that feeling.”

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