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President’s Dog Found Through TV Appeal

October 19, 1993 GMT

PARIS (AP) _ President Francois Mitterrand’s black Labrador, missing for more than a month, is back home thanks to a nationally televised appeal.

Atchoum, the French equivalent of the sneezing sound ″achoo,″ bolted past guards at the Elysee Palace in central Paris. He was found by a local animal association and placed in a pound.

But Atchoum didn’t stay there for long. Smitten by his good breeding and refined demeanor, a woman adopted him and took him to her apartment in northern Paris.

After several attempts to locate the missing canine failed, the Mitterrands contacted ″30 Million Friends,″ a prime-time animal show broadcast every Saturday by TF1, France’s No. 1 channel.


The woman, who was not identified, immediately recognized her new dog as the lost presidential pet and alerted the channel after the show last weekend.

According to French radio reports, Danielle Mitterrand herself went to get Atchoum. The woman who gave him a home has since been rewarded with a new dog.