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Safe holiday reminder when preparing meals

December 14, 2017

SALT LAKE CITY — Rocky Mountain Power wants to make sure safety is on the menu this holiday season, as kitchen accidents are a leading cause of fires and home injuries.

Keeping an eye on the stove, staying in the home while food is in the oven and keeping children a safe distance away from cooking appliances are paramount in kitchen safety.

In addition, there are a number of electrical safety steps that sometimes can get overlooked but are key in staying safe.

• Don’t fight a grease or electrical fire with water. Smother the fire with a pot lid and always have a fire extinguisher available.

• Don’t overload electrical outlets.

• Do unplug any unused appliances that could accidentally be turned and left on.

• Do replace any appliances with frayed cords to avoid electrical shock.

• Do locate all appliances away from the sink. Remember, water and electricity do not mix.

• Don’t use extension cords with major appliances.

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