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The past 100 years, Dec. 11, 2017

December 11, 2017 GMT

Dec. 11, 1917: At a special meeting of the city council held Saturday night and presided over by Mayor W.G. Sargent, the final details for the transfer of Fireman’s Hall, now the City Hall, to its new location on Washington Avenue next to the Nusbaum apartment house, were settled. The council instructed the mayor to inform the contractor, M.J. Kenney, of Denver, that the building may be moved immediately from its present location on upper San Francisco Street. it is thought that Mr. Kenney will have his force of men and the necessary machinery here to move the building within a fortnight.

Dec. 11, 1967: A foundation plan, guaranteeing every New Mexico school child basic education of uniform quality, is badly needed and should be effected step-by-step as money is available.

But the State Board of Education’s proposed foundation program is clearly beyond the state’s ability to finance next fiscal year. The plan requires a $2 million hike in state public school spending. It would also transfer 2.25 mills of property tax from the state to school districts, whacking $3.8 million off state revenue.

Dec. 11, 1992: State elected officials who would be regulated under a proposal aired Thursday by the Governmental Ethics Task Force did not like the idea.

Under the proposal, the elected officials would be prohibited from accepting campaign contributions from people they regulate or to whom they award contracts. They uniformly opposed the idea at a task force meeting.