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Births 12/31/2018

December 31, 2018 GMT


CINTRON: A son, Nov. 25, to Feliciano and Mireysha Cintron, Scranton.

CONDUSTA: A son, Dec. 10, to Dennis and Arielle Condusta, Plains.

HILL: A son, Nov. 27, to Matthew and Reagan Hill, Roaring Brook Twp.

KELLY: A son, Dec. 8, to Michael and Alexis Kelly, Scott Twp.

MALLOY: A daughter, Dec. 1, to Fred and Malisa Malloy, Montrose.

MARCHELITIS: A son, Nov. 23, to Katilyn Marchelitis, Dunmore.

McFARLANE: A daughter, Dec. 11, to Tristan and Anniemarie McFarlane, Tobyhanna.

OAKLEY: A son, Nov. 27, to Samantha Oakley, Kingsley.


RASER: A son, Nov. 25, to Keith and Samantha Raser, Avoca.

REEVES: A daughter, Nov. 7, to Jason and Sookyoung Reeves, Factoryville.

RUNCO: A daughter, Dec. 1, to Gino and Marina Runco, Peckville.

STASH: A daughter, Dec. 1, to Zachary and Katelyn Stash, Pittston.


ANGEL: A son, Dec. 25, to Nicolas and Branda Sobotka Angel, Lake Ariel.

BATES: A son, Dec. 22, to Jay Bates and Sarah Jonas, Union Dale.

CLEMO: A son, Dec. 22, to Vincent Clemo and Felicia Grosel, Forest City.

DEININGER: A daughter, Dec. 14, to Steven Deininger and Elizabeth Sechrist, Tunkhannock.

FIELD: A son, Dec. 15, to Jeffrey and Lindsey Giranza Field, Taylor.

LANUSSE: A son, Dec. 14, to Kevin Lanusse and Laura Venturini, Scranton.

QUINONES: A son, Dec. 22, to Mario Quinones and Brionna Gallick, Scranton.

REILLY: A daughter, Dec. 14, to Jonathan Reilly and Bridget Hart Amalbert, Scranton.

SAAM: A daughter, Dec. 23, to Kevin and Eileen Sheare Saam, Forest City.

SIMMONS: A son, Dec. 16, to Dlron Simmons and Donna Tomachick, Scranton.

TRIOLA: A son, Dec. 13, to Jeffrey Triola and Megan Sporer, Duryea.