Accused hit and run driver was on probation with revoked license, multiple drunk driving charges

May 14, 2019 GMT

ST. CHARLES TOWNSHIP – The St. Charles man accused of fleeing the scene after hitting a 7-year-old girl with his truck has an “abysmal” driving record and poses a threat to public safety, according to Kane County Assistant State’s Attorney David Belshan.

Belshan recited Brian Quartuccio’s extensive driving record, that included three drunken driving charges, one in DuPage County where he got supervision, followed by two convictions, currently being on probation in both Kane and DuPage counties for the same offense of driving without a valid license. Amid all his traffic charges, Belshan said Quartuccio twice did not appear in court when he was supposed to.


Bond was set at $500,000 May 14 for Quartuccio, 42, of the 35W000 block of Oak Drive, St Charles Township, accused in the Mother’s Day hit-and-run that left 7-year-old Lexi Hanson in critical condition.

Belshan argued for the high bond, citing Summerwill’s driving record that included repeatedly persisting in driving after his license was revoked in 2012.

“Considering all this, the facts of the case and his abysmal driving history, he should not be driving,” Belshan said, advocating for a $500,000 bond.

But in arguing for a lower bond of $50,000, Quartuccio’s attorney Kelley Flinn said Quartuccio was the sole supporter of an 11-year-old child, who was now with his mother.

Flinn said Quartuccio is a lifelong resident of Kane County and runs a landscaping business, which, if he is in jail and not working, will impact his ability to support his son.

Flinn said Quartuccio had appeared for all his most recent court dates.

Kane County Circuit Court Judge Keith Johnson said there were two main factors in his decision to set the bond at $500,000 – does Quartuccio pose a danger to the community and will he appear in court when he is supposed to?

“The defendant has a significant driving history,” Johnson said. “Based on that driving history, he does pose a danger to the community.”

Citing that Quartuccio is accused of fleeing the scene after hitting a child, Johnson agreed to the $500,000 bond, which would require $50,000, or 10 percent, to be posted as bail.

While Johnson noted Quartuccio turned himself in on May 13, he still is charged with leaving the scene of a crash where a person was injured.

Johnson told Quartuccio that if he posts the $50,000 bail, he was not to drive without a valid license.

“It’s the law,” Johnson said. “You shall not operate a motor vehicle without a valid driver’s license. Do you understand that?”


Quartuccio nodded that he did. Johnson set Quartuccio’s next court date for May 23.

Quartuccio was driving a black Dodge pickup on Geneva Avenue near the intersection with Courier Avenue when he hit Hanson, a second grader at Anderson Elementary School in St. Charles, who was riding her bicycle in the road around 1 p.m. on Sunday.

Lexi suffered several broken bones, a spinal injury, and cuts and bruises as a result.

She was airlifted to Lutheran General Hospital in Park Ridge and will likely remain hospitalized for some time.