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Ostrander still open for business despite construction

July 4, 2018

OSTRANDER — Ostrander businesses will remain open during road construction on two of the major roads in town this year.

The city is tearing up Main and Center streets, working to repair the city’s sewer and water system,

While the project has made travel difficult and torn up the roads completely beyond the sidewalks up to the businesses, City Clerk Wendy Brinks said the project was much needed.

“The sewer and water systems are extremely old,” she said, “and we were finally able to receive funding to help with the project.”

Brinks also said that this project will be directly felt by Ostrander residents, despite temporarily making travel more difficult to several businesses, the Post Office and two local bars.

Residents wishing to get to the Ostrander Business District should approach town from the south along Fillmore County Highway 1, which can best be reached from Spring Valley by taking US Highway 63 south to US Highway 14 and heading west. Crews are working on several projects at once and the route may change, so it is suggested to follow any posted detours.

Royal Dempewolf, owner of the Wolf’s Den on Main Street, said the project is long overdue.

“The end result will be a good thing,” Dempewolf said. “Everyone’s going to complain until it’s done, but the water pressure’s always been horrible in town, and after it’s all said and done, it’s supposed to be really good.”

The project is slated to complete gravel roads by November, with concrete proposed to go in next July.

Any questions about the project or how best to get around town can be directed to the City of Ostrander Offices, 507-657-2505.