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A List of Women Bundy Has Confessed to Killing With AM-Bundy, Bjt

January 25, 1989 GMT

Undated (AP) _ Ted Bundy at one time was considered a suspect in the deaths or disappearances of up to 36 women in Western states. Here is a list of people he is convicted of killing, the women he has confessed to killing since Friday, and cases in which he was called a suspect. CONVICTIONS:

-Margaret Bowman, 21, and Janet Lisa Levy, 20, bludgeoned and strangled Jan. 15, 1978, at the Chi Omega sorority house at Florida State University, Tallahassee. Bundy was convicted of murder.

-Kimberly Leach, 12, who disappeared Feb. 9, 1978, from her junior high school in Lake City. Her strangled body was found in an abandoned pig sty in April 1978, 32 miles west of Lake City. Bundy was convicted of rape and murder in her death, for which he was executed Tuesday. CASES IN WHICH BUNDY IS A SUSPECT: IDAHO

Bundy confessed to killing two people in Idaho. Authorities had never previously linked him to any killings in the state, but said Tuesday they were reasonably certain Bundy abducted Lynette Culver, 12, from her Pocatello junior high school on May 6, 1975, and killed her. The body never has been found. COLORADO

Bundy confessed to the slayings of:

-Caryn Campbell, 24, a nurse from Dearborn, Mich., who was vacationing in Aspen and disappeared Jan. 12, 1975 from Wildwood Lodge near Snowmass. Her body was found five weeks later. Bundy had been charged in this slaying.

-Julie Cunningham, 26, a ski shop employee in Vail. Disappeared March 15, 1975, in Vail.

Bundy is suspected in slayings or disappearances of:

-Denise Lynn Oliverson, 24, of Grand Junction. Disappeared April 6, 1975, while riding her bicycle near her home.

-Melanie Suzanne Cooley, 18. Disappeared April 15, 1975, in Nederland. Body found May 3 in Coal Creek Canyon.

-Shelley K. Robertson, 24, Denver. Disappeared June 30, 1975. Body found in Berthoud Pass mine shaft. OREGON

He was suspected in the deaths of:

-Rita Lorraine Jolly, 17, who vanished from West Linn in June 1973. Her body was never found.

-Vicki Lynn Hollar, 24, who disappeared from Eugene in August 1973. Her body also was never found. UTAH

Authorities said Bundy confessed to eight slayings, but identified only two:

-Nancy Wilcox, 16, a cheerleader who was last seen Oct. 3, 1974, in a yellow Volkswagen driven by Bundy. Her body was never found.

-Debi Kent, 17, who disappeared Nov. 8, 1974, when she left a high school play in the Salt Lake City suburb of Bountiful to pick up her brother.

He was suspected in the deaths or disappearances of:

-Melissa Smith, 17, Midvale, last seen at a restaurant near Fashion Place Mall, October 1974. Her body was found Oct. 27, 1974.

-Laura Anne Aime, 17, Salem, who disappeared Oct. 31, 1974. Her body was found that November in a canyon between Salt Lake City and Provo.

-Nancy Baird, 23, a mother who disappeared July 1975, from a Layton service station where she worked. Bundy denied that he was involved in her disappearance.

-Debbie Smith, 17, whose body was found April 1, 1976, near the Salt Lake City Airport.

-Sandra Weaver, a Wisconsin native who had lived in Tooele until her death in 1974, and Brigham Young University student Sue Curtis, who disappeared in 1975, according to The Salt Lake Tribune, which quoted unidentified sources. WASHINGTON

He confessed to the slayings of:

-Roberta Kathleen Parks, 20, who disappeared May 6, 1974, from Oregon State University in Corvallis, Ore. Her body was found a year later east of Seattle; authorities said she had been bludgeoned.

-Lynda Ann Healy, 21, a University of Washington student who vanished from her basement bedroom near the Seattle campus Feb. 1, 1974.

-Donna Gail Manson, 19, who left her dorm room at The Evergreen State College near Olympia about a month later to attend a campus jazz concert and never returned.

-Susan Rancourt, 18, of Anchorage, Alaska, a student at Central Washington State College in Ellensburg, who left a meeting of prospective dorm counselors April 17, 1974, and disappeared.

-Brenda Ball, 22, was last seen leaving a Seattle tavern on June 1, 1974, looking for a ride.

-Georgann Hawkins, 18, a University of Washington student who vanished June 11, 1974, as she walked down a brightly lit alley to her sorority house.

-Janice Ott, 23, and Denise Naslund, 19, who disappeared July 14, 1974, from Lake Sammamish State Park, east of Seattle.

-A young hitchhiker near Olympia in 1973, but Robert Keppel, a Washington state attorney general’s investigator, said Bundy did not provide her name.

-Two other women, who Bundy did not identify or give times of death or say where the bodies were left, Keppel said.

Thurston County authorities in Olympia, Wash., said Bundy might have been referring to two 14-year-olds last seen alive hitchhiking.

One was Katherine Merry Devine, who vanished Nov. 25, 1973, after being seen in Seattle and whose body was found 11 days later at a campground near Olympia. The other was Brenda Joy Baker, a runaway from Maple Valley, south of Seattle, last seen near Puyallup on May 27, 1974, and whose remains were found 31 days later in Millersylvania State Park.

Other cases:

Carol Valenzuela, 20, disappeared in August 1974 from Vancouver. Her remains were found near Yacolt in Clark County along with the remains of a young woman in her late teens or early 20s whose identity was never determined. Authorities are uncertain whether Bundy is connected with the murders, and Keppel said Bundy denied he was to blame.

Authorities questioned Bundy in the death of Ann Marie Burr, an 8-year-old girl in Bundy’s hometown of Tacoma, Wash., who disappeared when Bundy was 14. Bundy denied killing the girl, Keppel said.

In May 1966, two 20-year-old airline flight attendants, Lonnie Trumbell and Lisa Wick, were attacked and beaten in their Seattle apartment. Ms. Trumbell died, while Ms. Wick suffered skull fractures, but lived. Bundy lived nearby and worked at the supermarket where the women shopped. Bundy also denied this attack, Keppel said.

Whitman County authorities say they also still consider Bundy a suspect in the 1971 death of Joyce LaPage, 21, of Pasco, a student at Washington State University in Pullman. Bundy denied he killed her, but Keppel urged authorities to keep him on the suspect list.