Moto-ing for Meals

October 26, 2017 GMT

More than 100 pounds of food was collected Sunday during the second Moto4Meals motocross presented by the Kauai Moto X Association at the Wailua Motocross Track.

The collection will be delivered to the Hawaii Foodbank, Kauai Branch, said Devin Parado, president of KMXA, garbed in his popular Spam Man outfit.

Sixty-five riders ranging from 5 to 65 years old took advantage of the new course layout which was designed to integrate MX and flat track style riding and making the layout safe and inviting for both beginner and advanced riders, Parado said.

“We enjoy holding charity events because not only does it give us an opportunity to give back to our community, it also gives people new, or not familiar with the MX scene, an opportunity to meet our members and experience the track and facility,” Parado said.

He said they would like to continue holding the event on an annual basis.

“Mahalo to our KMXA members, volunteers, and the community for their support and generosity,” Parado said.


50 Open: Brock Panui, Gauge Billodeau

Mini Open: Alexander Nelson, Cruz Longley, Kaikea Duclayan, Efren Taylan Jr., Jarius Duclayan

Vets: Rhodny Basug, Kelsey Longley, Efren Taylan Sr., Rocco April, Darrell Dabin

Masters: Rocco April, Becky Howell, Mike Vallee

Big Bike Open: David Dabin, Alexander Nelson, Becky Howell, Mike Vallee