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A show of courage that needs to be repeated

October 25, 2018

The names of Diane Boone, Beverly Cobb and Sylvia Bell probably don’t ring a bell with most of us.

But what the three Kankakee women had to say Monday night rang out like a clarion call, and we urge others to join in and make that call a deafening sound.

The women, residents of the city’s 2nd Ward, attended a meeting as part of the Kankakee United program aimed to curb violence in the area they call home. To say the least, they’re tired of it.

“If you want safety, you must demand it,’’ Boone said while pressing the point that she calls police at the first sign of trouble around her home.

“If everyone comes together, we don’t have to do this,’’ Cobb said in targeting the drug dealers and other lawbreakers who refuse to become engaged in community improvement.

Bell hammered further on that point, and did so in blunt fashion.

“I’m not going to live by riff-raff,’’ Bell said. “They are going to leave, not me.’’

How many other people, including residents of the 2nd Ward, city residents in general and people who live in the region, have developed similar thoughts but have not yet spoken out?

Yes, it takes courage. Unfortunately, there could be some sort of backlash. But as more voices rise, those who are the source of their angst will be forced to hear them. They will come to realize they are outnumbered and unwanted. They will leave.