Gas leak forces businesses to evacuate

May 20, 2019 GMT

SHELTON — A motor vehicle accident, which resulted in a gas leak, has led to road closures and businesses being evacuated in the area of River Road.

Fire Marshal James Tortora said reports state a vehicle rolled over, striking what he believes was a vent pipe, causing the leak on River Road and Constitution Boulevard, in front of Riverdale Restaurant.

The restaurant and nearby businesses have all been evacuated, and Tortora said the gas company is continuing to repair the damage and stop the leak.

Shelton Police Lt. Robert Kozlowsky said River Road between Murphy’s Lane and Petremont Lane is closed due to the motor vehicle accident that caused the leak. Businesses in the area are being evacuated as a precaution, according to Tortora.


Tortora said he was told there were no injuries as a result of the accident.