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Moms Demand Action to address safe gun ownership

June 22, 2018

GREENWICH — A local organization seeking to minimize gun-violence around the region as well as around the country is holding an educational event to promote gun safety.

The Greenwich chapter of Moms Demand Action will be holding a public meeting June 27 at the YWCA, and issues involving young people, proper storage of firearms and gun-safety will be reviewed.

An organizer, Michele Voigt, said the start of summer vacation is a good time for parents to review the issue proper storage of firearms in the home.

“Kids are more free, and less supervised,” said Voigt, a mother of two. “So it’s a great time to talk about gun safety.”

Many parents are keenly attuned to safety issues involving swimming pools and food allergies, Voigt said. Now, the anti-violence organization is seeking to add gun safety to the list of items parents might think about when their kids are away, visiting the homes of friends or relatives.

“There’s a conversation we should be having — are firearms stored responsibly, not accessed by children, or young people with mental-health issues?” Voigt said, “It’s better to be proactive, to think and talk things through — instead of talking about what we could have done when something bad happens.”

The local chapter of the anti-violence group, which is part of a national organization, formed this spring.

At the educational meeting on June 27, organizers will review proper storage techniques for guns and parenting suggestions. The issue of teen suicide will be discussed, as well as warning signs to watch for. The goal is to encourage responsible behavior, Voigt said, and make it widespread.

“It’s not judgmental,” Voigt said about gunownership. “It’s about good security and how to safely manage them. There are simple steps to take for safety, we’ll go through the training.”

Some 300 young people are injured or killed every year in accidental shootings.

The meeting will begin at 7 p.m. at the YWCA at 259 E. Putnam Ave.

The educational program will be held along with the regular meeting of the Moms Demand Action. Over 100 people attended the anti-gun group’s event last month at Byram Park.