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Salt Lake Chamber on gender wage gap, Provo company releases app to aggregate user files, applications for Sprouts ‘Neighborhood Grants’ open

April 4, 2019 GMT

Chamber makes statement on gender wage gap

In honor of April 2, Equal Pay Day, the Salt Lake Chamber released a statement calling Utah businesses to action.

“Utah leads the nation in economic growth, and yet in 2019, we still top the list of states with the highest gender wage gap. Today, on Equal Pay Day, the Salt Lake Chamber once again calls on Utah’s business community to make the conscious decision to evaluate and address the gender wage gap within their own organizations,” said Derek Miller, president and CEO of the Salt Lake Chamber and Downtown Alliance. “Our business community has the opportunity to lead out on this issue and show Utahns, and the nation, that we value equal pay for equal work. We have the power to correct the problem.”


In support of their call to action, the Salt Lake Chamber and Women’s Leadership Institute have created a guidebook titled “Best Practices Guide for Closing the Gender Wage Gap,” which includes policies, programs and actions companies can implement immediately to create a “fair and equitable pay environment.”

The guide is free to view and download at https://slchamber.com/wagegap /.

FileShadow, Inc. announces Windows app

Provo-based FileShadow, Inc. announced Tuesday the release of the FileShadow Windows desktop app, an app that aggregates and automatically catalogs files and photos placed locally on a PC running Microsoft Windows to FileShadow’s secure cloud vault. With this app, content can now be aggregated from Windows and Mac desktops, the majority of all cloud storage providers, and network and direct attached storage devices.

The Windows desktop app follows the November 2018 release of the FileShadow macOS desktop app.

“With the addition of the FileShadow Windows Desktop App, now every file you have can be stored, searched and shared through our cloud-based service,” FileShadow president and CEO Tyrone Pike said. “We put information at a user’s fingertips that may have previously been widely dispersed. It’s a personal digital asset manager (DAM) that allows them to collect, protect and search all of their digital content, assuring that nothing is lost due to accidental deletion or overwriting.”

FileShadow doesn’t replace users’ existing cloud storage systems. It connects and protects them so users can securely maintain and search their data in a single place, instead of across multiple platforms.

Cloud storage providers that can be connected using FileShadow’s app include iCloud, Adobe Creative Cloud, Adobe’s Lightroom solutions, Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, OneDrive for Business, and Drobo network.


FileShadow automatically generates searchable metadata for each individual file, such as location and machine-learning generated tags for images. This automatically-generated metadata allows users to find files quickly. Each version of a file is also archived.

The FileShadow service is free of charge for up to 100 GB of data. To surpass that amount of storage, subscriptions can be purchased per month. One terabyte is $15 a month, with each additional terabyte available for an additional $10 per month. Learn more at https://www.fileshadow.com /.

Applications for Sprouts grant program available

The Sprouts Healthy Communities Foundation is now accepting online applications for its annual Neighborhood Grant program.

The Neighborhood Grant program is available to local nonprofit partners that support children’s health and nutrition education programs. Organizations can apply at https://about.sprouts.com/sprouts-foundation/neighborhood-grants / through May 31.

“Through Neighborhood Grants, we’re working to shift the landscape of health by focusing on programs that empower children with the access, knowledge, confidence and desire to make healthier food choices so that they can grow up to become healthier adults,” said Lyndsey Waugh, executive director of the Sprouts Healthy Communities Foundation. “The nearly 200 local grant recipients that have received funding since the Foundation was formed in 2015 are key partners in helping to achieve our mission of changing how children understand nutrition.”

The foundation awarded 85 Neighborhood Grants in 2018, totaling $550,000. Money for the grants came from the foundation and in-store roundup campaigns.

Sprouts customers can support local nonprofit organizations in Utah by participating in in-store register round ups, donating change from their shopping trips.