Emily Church awarded for story, illustrations

May 24, 2018

FAIRVIEW — Emily Church, 11, daughter of Carole and Brandon Church, Fairview, wrote and illustrated a winning story for the PBS Kids Annual Writers and Illustrators contest held earlier this year.

The story titled, “Bill the Dollar Bill,” received second place award in the fifth grade division. Her story was one of 260 submissions received for the statewide contest.

Emily, accompanied by her grandma, mom, dad and sister, received the award during a breakfast and ceremony held at the Natural History Museum of Utah, in Salt Lake City May 12.

Each winner received a generous gift bag with tickets to museums, zoos and sporting events near Salt Lake City as well as writing and illustrating materials and other fun prizes.

After the award ceremony, the winners, along with their guests, were invited to spend the morning at the Natural History Museum of Utah on the University of Utah campus.

Emily is said to have a great imagination and has always loved to write. Her story, “Bill the Dollar Bill,” is a heartwarming story about a dollar bill that was born/printed in the basement of the white house along with all the other dollar bills.

When he was printed he was mistakenly printed as a seven-dollar bill instead of a one-dollar bill. Bill always thought he was strange because the other dollar bills treated him like he was odd and not as perfectly printed as they were.

Near the end of the story, Bill realizes he is special and ends up on display in a museum because of his unique and rare printing. Emily’s illustrations are incredibly detailed and quite humorous. She worked on her submission for months.

The story submissions had several specific and grade-based requirements and were open to all Utah students from kindergarten through sixth grade. The fifth grade entries were limited to 500 words and required multiple illustrations. Each story had to be written and illustrated by the student themselves without adult input or correction.

All the winning stories for 2018 can be viewed on the KUED website at https://www.kued.org/kids/2018-writers-and-illustrators-contest-winners. The winning entries will also be on display in the Salt Lake City Public Library as large banners and in other areas throughout the state.