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Holy Redeemer High School

May 1, 2019

The Journalism Class of Holy Redeemer High School recently participated in an educational field trip to the Gettysburg National Military Park. Following a day of battlefield touring and subject specific presentations, the students were recognized by park personnel for their participation and historical knowledge. The participants followed the trek of New York Times journalist, Samuel Wilkeson, who had originally been assigned to cover the epic battle, only to learn of the mortal wounding, and eventual death upon the battlefield of his son, Bayard. The students also studied the battlefield photos of famed Civil War photographers Matthew Brady and Alexander Gardner. Chaperones for the day included Dr. James McKeown, John Kurilla, Mary Finkernagel, Janice Flannery, and Charles Flannery, journalism instructor and trip organizer. Holy Redeemer Journalism Class participants, at a statue of Abraham Lincoln, are Elizabeth Azarowicz, Maia Bagusky, Ryan Bella, Aidan Bilski, Isabelle Birmir, Molly Blaskiewicz, Devyn Boich, Larry Corridoni, Pat Curley, Matt DiGangi, Matt Duffy, Ryan Gardjulis, Don Gardner, Steve Gazey, Elena Giraldi, Alyssa Gushka, Tom Hajkowski, Ethan Hoda, Christian Holmes, Jason Isley, Cameron Krugel, Kyra Krzywicki, Alyson Lacomis, Liv Lewis, Sarah Liskowicz, Ayva Liskowski, Isabel Maria, Vince Maria, Michael Mecadon, Gabby Morgan, Skylar Osenkarski, Matt Price, Rocco Pugliese, Kevin Pysniak, Blaise Rowlands, Gabby Scovish, Lindsey Scorey, Paul Seasock, Michael Skutack, Alex Strickland, Brynn Suda, Katelyn Vols, Liv Wagner, Bryce Zapusek, Abbey Zim, and Charles Flannery.

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