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Don Bacon: Immigration debate narrative is ‘all about the president’

April 8, 2019

Rep. Don Bacon said Monday Congress has to “come together” to find a bipartisan solution on illegal immigration, and he blamed lawmakers’ inaction on preventing President Trump from having a legislative success.

“Right now, Congress is unwilling. They don’t want to give the president a victory or a defeat. It’s all about the president. Let’s make this about the country. We got a problem to solve,” the Nebraska Republican said in an interview on CNN’s “Newsroom” show.

Mr. Bacon also clarified Mr. Trump’s remarks over the weekend that “our country is full,” saying he meant illegal immigrants are overwhelming the system.

“I like to think that his statement when he says ‘it’s full,’ he’s referring to the 900,000 that we’re on pace to have this year of illegal immigrants being interdicted at the border. I think he needs to articulate it more clearly, but that is a problem,” Mr. Bacon said.

Mr. Trump backed off threats to close the border Thursday, saying he would introduce tariffs instead to scare Mexico into doing more to combat the smuggling of drugs and people.

However, he added he’s still opening to shutting down the border after a year grace period.

White House Strategic Communications Director Mercedes Schlapp said Tuesday the number of people at the border is “overwhelming the system” and causing a “national security crisis.”

Mrs. Schlapp said the administration’s threat to close the border is one of the “little choices” left to deal with illegal immigration.

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