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Orchids and Onions: Sunday, August 5, 2018

August 5, 2018 GMT

Another beautiful day in Havasu...

Orchids to workers at the high school. It’s been hot and muggy and on you worked. We can be proud of our stadium with all the improvements. Thank you.

Orchid to the mid-20s man driving all over town in a Japanese truck with large white flag made in China, with MAGA on the flag. Irony or just a lack of common sense. This country doesn’t have a chance. Ride on, Putin. It’s all yours.

Orchids to allowing me to convey my ideas in person.

Onions to the person who texted my phone to buy item I had for sale and offering me more. Refused to talk due to a disability. I believe you are trying to scam me and others. Go back under the rock. I wasn’t born yesterday. People, don’t be fooled!

Onions to the abrupt ending to a decade-long relationship. We were loyal and polite. Irreparably damaged in one visit due to the obtuse, unreasonable and inordinately unfair attitude of the newbie. Others are treated in the same contemptuous manner. Good riddance.

Onions to the older guy in Smith’s Sunday morning wearing grey shorts and no shirt. And people complain about dogs in the shopping carts. Yuck!

Orchids to our fire department personnel from Kiowa. They came to my home at midnight to assist with my smoke alarm problem. We are so lucky to have the great fire and police departments that we have. Nab

Orchids to El Paraiso restaurant. It was our first trip but not the last. Colorful, welcoming and pleasant with beautiful décor, straight out of Mexico. The food is outstanding. The patio is large and would be a wonderful party spot with a view of the lake. Dale and Nadine

Onions to two dog walkers on Lake Havasu Avenue South early in the morning. Every day your little darlings poop and you don’t bother to scoop up the poop. Walk somewhere else. You are embarrassing yourself each day.

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