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Joe Nardone On Vinyl Back For Record Store Day

April 7, 2019 GMT

The music of legendary local rock ‘n’ roll musician Joe Nardone Sr. is coming out on a new vinyl 45 record.

That’s right.

Nardone’s songs from the 1960s on a record album will be sold in 2019, another example of the comeback vinyl records have been making in recent years.

The record is being released April 13, which is the 13th annual National Record Store Day. It will be available at the Joe Nardone’s Gallery of Sound stores in Wilkes-Barre Twp. and Dickson City.

Nardone’s son, Joe Nardone Jr., 50, surprised his father with the record.

“For me, it’s something I needed to do. It’s a tribute to the guy who started everything rock ‘n’ roll in the area,” Nardone Jr. said.

The record features Nardone’s biggest hit, “Shake a Hand,” which was released by a national record label and became popular as far away as Philadelphia and the Jersey Shore.

“If you ask anyone over 50, they know what ‘Shake a Hand’ is,” Nardone Jr. said.

The other songs include “Ride Your Pony,” “The Wiggle” and “Pizza Pie.”

“It’s music people will hear for the first time, and be like, ‘Wow, they were pretty good,’ ” Nardone Jr. said.

Joe Nardone Sr.’s band was known as Joe Nardone and the All Stars. They regularly played at Sans Souci Park in Hanover Twp., Hanson’s in Harveys Lake, and other popular venues that attracted large crowds.

Nardone Jr. said he had to track down some of the records his father’s band released in the 1960s. His dad’s originals were lost when his South Wilkes-Barre house was ravaged by the 1972 flood.

“We cleaned them up. We did the best we could with the audio. We brought them up to the 1960s audio standard,” Nardone Jr. said.

About 600 copies of the record were made, though not all will be available locally. Many record stores around the country that participate in National Record Store Day will have some available.

“It’s a big part of the business again. At the beginning of record store day 13 years ago, there were basically no records,” Nardone Jr. said.

A recent Forbes magazine report said vinyl record sales were up 12 percent in 2018 over 2017. Last year, the magazine noted records almost disappeared entirely in the 2000s, but sales have surged more than 260 percent since 2009.

Nardone said the commemorative record his son produced for him was “a major surprise.”

“It’s a nice gesture,” he said. “I don’t have a lot of the details because I wasn’t aware of it.”

The record, which will be pressed on red vinyl, will be a nice addition to National Record Store Day, Nardone Sr. said.

“Every year it seems to be getting bigger and bigger — not because of my record of course. But vinyl is becoming very, very popular again,” Nardone Sr. said. “What makes it interesting is famous artists produce a limited amount of copies for that day and people line up around the building to get one of the 10 or 20 copies a store might have.”

After all these years, people still are fans of Nardone’s music.

While his band stopped playing regularly many years ago, they hold a reunion concert once a year in August at the Irem Temple Country Club in Dallas along with another former band, Eddie Day and the Starfires.

“It sells out, believe it or not,” Nardone Sr. said. “The amount of people allowed in by the Fire Department is 700 people. That’s how many people come on that day.”

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