Bridge collapse in 1967 brings back memories

December 20, 2018 GMT

Postings recalling the deadly Silver Bridge collapse in Point Pleasant on Dec. 15, 1967, stirred recollections of the tragedy for many Tri-State residents.

The bridge, which carried U.S. 35 over the Ohio River, fell into the river with dozens of cars on it at the time. Forty-six people were killed. The bridge’s collapse set into motion congressional hearings that led to the first national bridge inspection program.

Here are some comments from online readers:

Mildred Millie Farley Tomlinson: “I remember that day!!”

Jill Taylor Songer: ”... Me too. My dad had crossed it a few minutes before it collapsed. He heard the news on the radio on the way home.”


Mildred Millie Farley Tomlinson: ”...Small world! My dad had crossed it that day too!”

Janet Caudill: “I was working overtime at Chesapeake and Potomac Telephone Co. in Huntington due to bridge falling. It was a sad day for everyone.”

Deb McClure: “I’ll remember that day, too. I was in Florida and I heard the announcement on the radio.”

Cecelia Herd: “Was such a sad day for so many families.”

Kathy Watkins Kirby: “I remember!”

Sheila Anderburn: “I remember this like it was yesterday. A neighbor was babysitting us so my mom and dad could attend a Christmas dinner. We heard it on the radio and not knowing where Point Pleasant was, we were terrified. Our parents were nowhere near there. I still feel sadness for all those killed, injured and lost that night.”

Phyllis Mills-Stamper: “Thank god my uncle was sick that day; he would have been there.”

Brenda Hair: “My Grandparents crossed it, and it fell just after they crossed. That was in 1967. In 1969 they were hit by a drunk driver and were both killed.”