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Options weighed for razing big smokestack next to site of former Alma Station power plant

December 4, 2017 GMT

ALMA — A tall smokestack is about all that remains standing at the site of the old Alma Station power plant where demolition crews spent the year razing the building.

The stack adjacent to the old plant might be demolished in 2018, according to Dairyland Power Cooperative.

Company representatives told the Alma City Council that Dairyland Power was considering two options for razing the big stack — dropping it by implosion or dismantling it from the top down.

Remains of the stack would be crushed into gravel for other uses, a salvage remedy that might happen in 2019 if the stack is razed in 2018.

Demolition debris from the Alma Station was sorted, separated and transported by trucks or barges for salvaging or landfilling.

Dairyland Power said an underground tunnel at the site was being dismantled and remediation of the Alma Station site would continue in 2018.

Below ground remains of the building site will be backfilled with sand and landscaped, the Alma Council was told.

Dairyland Power has a DNR barge fleeting permit for the site that is good through April 2025. The permit applies to coal or demolition removal.

Demolition rock from the Alma Station went to a recycler in Altura, Minn., and nonsalvage debris was trucked to a landfill in Austin, Minn.