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Mom. Mom! Mom?

May 6, 2018

“Mom, I’m bored.”

“Mom, there’s nothing to do.”

“Mom, I’m dying of boredom.”

“Mom. Mom! Mooooomm!”

Does that bring back memories of all those dreadful weekends and summers where there wasn’t anything to do? And don’t tell me you never said these when you were a kid, because we all did. Do you find yourself saying the same about your exercise routine? Has your routine become routine? It’s time to change it up and head outside.

“But what can I do outside? I’ll get bored. And I can’t bring any of my toys.”

Who needs toys? Bag the gym equipment — all of it, beginning with the treadmill. What do you do on the treadmill? Walk and run. Where do you go on your treadmill? Nowhere. Now that sounds boring. “But I need the TV to keep me going.” Look around you — there’s a whole world out there waiting for you to explore and enjoy and my guess is you will go farther without realizing it. And for the indoor bikes? Leave them behind, too.

Having moved your cardio outside, next are the free weights and machines. Chest press? Do push-ups. Leg press? Drop to squats and lunges. Bicep curls? Use rocks. Triceps and back? Pull-ups. Row? Make a slow return to the ground when doing your push-ups.

Now add some good old-fashioned core-strengthening exercises such as planks, dead bugs, bicycles and v-sits. Dead bugs are exactly as you visualize, minus the squashing. Lie on your back with your hips and knees at 90 degrees. Raise your arms straight up, dropping the shoulder blades to the floor and hold for 30 seconds. Rest 10 seconds, repeat two to four times.

For bicycles, begin in the dead bug starting position. Lace your fingers together behind your head and your thumbs down the sides of your neck with your elbows open wide. Cross side-to-side reaching an elbow to the opposite knee, alternating sides. For a more challenging bicycle, extend the leg before taking the elbow to the knee. Perform 20, rest 15 seconds, then 20 more.

Visualize a “V” and you have the image of a v-sit. Sit tall and lean back with your back straight. Bring your legs up with your knees at 90 degrees. Hold 15 seconds, rest for 10 and repeat 3 to 5 times. Extend your legs to take it to the next level.

This should give you a jump-start. The trick is to think of the muscle group you would like to work and use your imagination for the exercise. Soon you will find you are engaging not only your muscles, but also your mind because you have to do the thinking rather than be limited to what a machine says you should do.

“Mom. Mom. Mom! Look at me — isn’t this one cool? Wait till you see this one!”

Hmm. Not bored anymore. Good for you and relief for Mom.

Sherrie Hebert is a certified personal trainer and Pilates mat and equipment Instructor. She teaches and trains at Performance Pilates & Personal Training and Gold’s Gym of Pocatello. As an established Idaho State Journal columnist, Sherrie has provided health and fitness information and guidance to her readers for nearly four years.

Contact her at 208-317-5685 or sherriehebert@gmail.com and visit her Facebook page, Performance Pilates & and Personal Training.