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Neighborhood doesn’t want stadium -- Mary Howick

January 6, 2019 GMT

I find it interesting and disturbing that Madison -- a city that prides itself on strong neighborhoods -- is apparently not listening to the people of the Dudgeon-Monroe neighborhood when it comes to the proposed new stadium on the Edgewood campus.

The State Journal editorial board came out in favor of the stadium, saying: ” Let the kids play under the lights.” Even the neighborhood’s City Council representative (who was not elected) thinks a compromise is in order.


This stadium benefits few and impacts many. The neighborhood association is strongly opposed to the stadium. Not compromise, not “let the kids play,” but opposed.

Drive around the neighborhood and yard signs in opposition are everywhere despite many being removed and vandalized. The majority of people in the neighborhood are against it. Wake up, Ald. Allen Arntsen. Wake up, State Journal. Keep the neighborhoods strong -- having the necessary and deciding voice on what happens in their neighborhood.

Mary Howick, Madison