School district approves amended contract from the PreSchool Services Department

April 11, 2017

NEEDLES — The Needles Unified School District Board of Trustees approved an amended PreSchool Services Department of San Bernardino contract for Needles Head Start for the current, 2016-17, school year.

“PreSchool Services Department of San Bernardino is the grantor for our Needles Head Start program. They reviewed their finances and decreased our contract amount $112,125,” said Mary McNeil Ph.D., NUSD superintendent. “At that time the reasons that was stated is that it was due to a drop to our head start program. So at that time they closed the Big River program that had eight students and we had different but significant changes in our program here in town as well. “Following those changes the PSD noticed that our contract reflected the original amount so it was not valid. So they sent us the amended contract and asked us to approve it, the total of the contract is $1,388,835.

“Once they did the cut the funding for Big River they closed that part of the contract,” McNeil concluded, “but should we have a significant increase in enrollment down there we can always write to them and add it back in.”