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China, Brazil promote BRICS cooperation despite contrary rumors

November 13, 2019 GMT

BEIJING, Nov. 13, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- A news report by China.org.cn before the 2019 BRICS summit:

A new BRICS summit will soon be held in Brasilia, capital of Brazil. Unsurprisingly, rumors about BRICS countries are doing the rounds again. Besides the tired clichés that the five member countries are actually divided, that the hopes for the BRICS have faded, and that the BRICS hasn’t been an effective force at all, new rumors have emerged this year. For instance, the claim that Brazil, despite being the host country, intends to quit BRICS, and that the new Brazilian president has quite a tepid attitude towards the upcoming summit.

Such rumors are groundless. Although new Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro made remarks opposing globalization and stressed on “Brazil first”, he is keenly aware that Brazil has gained enormous benefits from the BRICS cooperation. A case in point is the IMF quota share reform jointly pushed by the BRICS countries. Before the reform, Brazil only had a quota of 1.782%, lower than Belgium and the Netherlands, which are far smaller in terms of territory and population. However, after the reform, Brazil’s quota rose substantially to 2.315%, making it one of the top 10 members of the IMF. This achievement is the result of the joint efforts of the BRICS countries. It would not have happened if Brazil had worked on its own.

Brazil has attached great attention to the upcoming BRICS summit. It has organized a series of ministerial level meetings and various forums, and carefully chosen the theme for the summit as “Economic growth for an innovative future”, aiming to use science and technological innovation and progress in the digital economy to help BRICS countries adapt to the fourth industrial revolution.

Not long ago, Brazilian President Bolsonaro paid an official visit to China. He particularly expressed his thanks for China’s support and help to Brazil in hosting the BRICS summit. Meanwhile, Chinese President Xi Jinping recognized Brazil’s efforts in organizing the event. They agreed that the two countries would work together to ensure the success of the summit, and promote the BRICS partnership.

Thanks to the joint efforts of China and Brazil, the BRICS mechanism has entered its second golden decade of development. It has become the largest platform for South-South cooperation, with the summit setting directions, and cooperation in economy, politics, security, and culture playing the strong supporting role. Besides the New Development Bank, which has become a flagship brand of the BRICS, many new cooperation platforms, such as the BRICS Universities League and the BRICS Games, have been established to promote cultural exchanges. The film jointly produced by directors from the five BRICS countries, titled “Where Has the Time Gone?”, has also gained great public attention, and made BRICS a hot social topic in China, Brazil and the other BRICS countries as well.

As the new BRICS summit is approaching, the world is waiting to hear more fresh ideas from these five great countries.

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China, Brazil promote BRICS cooperation despite contrary rumors

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