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Horseshoe Results

August 20, 2018

Glur’s Wednesday League Week 4 Results:

Hammsamich over Flying Iron

The Nobodys over Polish Toads

The In Laws over Fresh Paint

K-Zees over Hammsamich

Polish Toads over Hammsamich

Fresh Paint over Flying Iron

Primrose over K-Zees

The Nobodys over Flying Iron

The In-Laws over Polish Toads

Pawnee Ringers Horseshoe Club 8/9/18

Team Name (Members) Wins-Loses

Ringers Plus (Seth, Jessica, Chuck) 7.5-10.5

Duncan Drozd (Gene, Elaine, Steve) 10-8

The Lucky Ringers (Pat, John, Rob) - 10.5-7.5

The Merrick County Boys (Don, Allen, Kaden) 9.5-8.5

The Double Ringers (Bernie, Tom, Janet) 9-9

The Nobodys (Geno, Nick, Cody) 7.5-10.5

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