Alec Baldwin shines a light on romantic drama

July 10, 2017 GMT

NEW YORK — Quite the cozy couple, showbiz veterans Alec Baldwin and Demi Moore are seated side by side on a couch, coffee cups at hand, speaking about “Blind” at the Crosby Street Hotel.

A romantic drama with a threat of violence, “Blind” has Baldwin playing a sightless widower following an auto accident.

Moore plays the wife of Dylan McDermott’s indicted hedge fund player who avoids jail time with community service. In her case that means reading books to blind Baldwin.

The film marks the first time they’ve worked together since 1996’s hit thriller “The Juror.”

“I’ve run into you, but I’ve never worked with you,” Baldwin, 59, said to Moore, 54. “I embarrassed myself. I picked you up at that party. Remember?”

“Oh you did. You picked me up at that party,” she agreed.

“I just picked you up. You’re like a feather.”

“I was like, ‘Hello’ and he hugged me and then he swooped.”

When was this exactly?

“Ten years ago,” he said. “Lotus sponsored the party for my mother’s charity.”

“It wasn’t even 10 years ago. It was like maybe —”

“Six or seven?”

“Yeah,” she confirmed.

“The Juror” brought back memories. “Joseph Gordon-Levitt played my son,” Moore recalled. “And James Gandolfini was in it.”

“I killed him. I cut his throat,“ Baldwin said casually, minus any menace.

“Blind” is quite different, a love story about strangers who unexpectedly click.

“They’re two people who in different ways have completely lost their identity and are, in a way, each at a bottom,” Moore said. “They find each other at a time when they don’t have anything else to lose.”

“It’s quiet. There’s one really rip-snorting scene where her husband, Dylan, attacks me. But the rest of the movie is an attempt, which is always harder for me, to just let it live and be honest and be real and assume that that’s enough.

“Because I’ve worked with directors who are always like, ‘Do more!’ To work with people who can play in that key, which is very honest, it emboldens you to do the same.

“She’s very real. She’s not doing a lot of stuff,” he added. “It was nice to be able to do a movie where we sat in that world and had that tone.”

(“Blind” opens Friday.)