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District Five looks to share more and save money

February 27, 2019 GMT

JOHNSONVILLE, S.C. – Florence County School District Five Superintendent Randy Smiley said superintendents in the county are now beginning to meet on a regular basis to look at ways they can share the different things they are doing.

One way they are looking at sharing more is by procurement and trying to order and buy things in bulk, Smiley said at Monday’s school board meeting.

“With the buying power of Florence One behind us, we should be able to find some savings somewhere with some of the things we’re buying, even things like paper,” Smiley said. “The more your buy, the cheaper the product.”

Other things the districts have been considering working together on is software purchases. Smiley said District Five is buying a lot of its technology now with a group of other districts in order to get a better price.

The group of districts has also been looking at staff development initiatives that can benefit the county as a whole.

“Florence Two and us are doing our AdvancED training together and splitting the cost of that training,” Smiley said. “So different things like that are what we’re looking at. Our next report to the state department is due April 4. And we’re going to put those things in.”

Smiley said smaller school districts are being pushed to share as many services as possible.

At Monday’s meeting, Smiley said Lake City lost its director of adult education, so the decision was made for the county to come together for adult education services.

“There will still be a satellite here. There will be a satellite in Lake City,” Smiley said. “There will be the main adult ed in Florence. We’re doing that now as a group. Carol Hill who is the adult ed director in Florence One will be over adult ed for the county now.”

Twenty Johnsonville students are currently enrolled in adult education.

Smiley said moving forward, he thinks the district will begin to share more and more things in order to save as much money as possible.