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Fred Mohun: Trump will prevail

August 31, 2018 GMT


If you think the left and the Democrats are coming after Trump, think again. The leadership elites of the Dems and socialist media hate the 60 million voters who had the audacity to defy their betters and vote for some one who believed in America and Americans. Yes, we the deplorables and unredeemables. You and me. It is us they despise. They can’t believe we had the utter chutzpa to defy them and their candidate. Now they are trying to undo a constitutionally elected president by any means possible. This they think is our punishment for being so bold. Well, do not let them do it.

Trump is on the ballot even if his name is not there. Our county’s future is at hand. Our president is under siege. The left like to put up parallels with Trump and Nixon. The only similarity is the fact that both were Republicans who were hated by the establishment press and Democrats. I see more with Lincoln and Trump. Both were attacked by lesser men in the Republican and northern Democratic (AKA Copperheads) party. Both were reviled by over half the country, but Lincoln prevailed and is hailed as the greatest president we ever had and so will President Trump. He is not perfect. He may be a womanizer. Can you say JFK? He may be an SOB, but he is MY SOB., He has done more in 15 months, both domestically and internationally, than the last three presidents combined .

Trump will prevail. He has more leadership and courage than a regiment of DC retired generals, admirals and CIA directors. In the election in November, vote for those that support his policies. We can make the difference. Volunteer in shaky districts for Republican candidates, take the battle to the Democrats even in safe districts for them. We must ensure that everyone of those 60 million people vote again to preserve all that we have gained.

Fred Mohun

Lake Havasu City