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Costa Vida to move to Chubbuck

November 15, 2016 GMT

POCATELLO — If in January you notice a “closed” sign on the Costa Vida in Pocatello, don’t panic. The popular Mexican restaurant will be moving into a brand new building in Chubbuck.

Its new neighbors will be the Chubbuck interstate interchange, Freddy’s Steakburgers, The Black Bear Diner and Fuji Japanese Steakhouse. But the new building for Costa Vida is still under construction and isn’t expected to be finished until sometime in January, said Nancy Scott, Costa Vida’s general manager.

“Our sales keep on increasing, so I would say that, yes, the move is partially due to the need to accommodate more customers,” Scott said.


Adding a drive-thru is the other big reason for the move and remodel.

“We are always being asked about a drive-thru, especially by moms with little kids,” Scott said. “The location we have now cannot accommodate a drive-thru.”

The move also means that Costa Vida will be hiring more staff. Scott estimates that they will need about eight to 10 more employees to staff the drive-thru.

The new building will have two separate lines for online order pickups and in-store orders to shorten the often long lines.

And although Scott says the new Costa Vida will be about the same square footage in size, it will offer additional outdoor seating.

The new location will also have a revamped look. Gone are the days of the open water wall. In its place will be an LED-lit bubble wall. Scott also says that the color scheme will be slightly changed.

While some other Costa Vidas have a similar look, Scott says the closest match for those interested to see what the future Costa Vida looks like is in Cedar City, Utah.

Costa Vida originally opened not far from its new Chubbuck location. In 2006, Randy Robinson owned the Bajio Mexican restaurant in Chubbuck. However, Bajio’s parent company went out of business. That’s when Robinson says Costa Vida approached him. Robinson bought the restaurant and now operates it as a franchise.

According to Robinson, the lease was coming to an end at the current location, so it was a good time to relocate.

Scott was not aware of anyone new moving into the restaurant’s current location after Costa Vida vacates.

Costa Vida started in Layton, Utah, in 2003 after the company founders returned home from a trip to Cabo San Lucas. Since then, it has grown to more than 75 locations in 11 states and two countries, with another 29 in development.

Robinson owns the Costa Vidas in Rexburg and Idaho Falls, and is a partial owner of the Costa Vida in Logan, Utah.

Most restaurants are franchises owned by locals. According to the franchise website, setting one up requires an area development fee of $30,000 per Store (3 store minimum) and a royalty fee of 6 percent.