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Excerpts of Fuhrman Tapes Allowed and Barred by Judge

September 1, 1995

The 41 times Detective Mark Fuhrman used the ``n″ word in taped interviews with a scriptwriter for a fictional screenplay since 1985. He denied under oath using the word during the past 10 years. The judge allowed two of the utterances to be presented to the jury.


``We have no niggers where I grew up.″

Interviewer: ``Why do they live in that area?″

Fuhrman: ``That’s where niggers live.″


``People there don’t want niggers in their town.″

``We’ve got females and dumb niggers and all your Mexicans that can’t even write the name of the car they drive.″

``If I’m wrestling around with some nigger, and he gets me in my back, and he gets his hand on my gun, it’s over.″

``She was afraid. He was a big nigger, and she was afraid.″

``He was a nigger. He didn’t belong.″

``So he wants the City Council and the police commissioner and all these niggers in L.A. city government _ and all of ’em should be lined up against a wall and (expletive) shot.″

``He got all this money going to Ethiopia _ what? To feed a bunch of dumb niggers that their own government won’t even feed.″

``When I came on the job, all my training officers were big guys and knowledgeable. Some nigger’d get in their face, they just spin ‘em around, choke ’em out until they dropped.″

``We have to eliminate a chokehold because a bunch of niggers down in the south end of L.A. said this is bad.″

``You know, policemen also use `bubba’ a lot, ‘cause it’s a slam term because niggers, you know, they call each other `bubba.’ ″

Interviewer: ``Why are you even talking to them?″

Fuhrman: ``Nigger. Stop them. See who they are.″

Interviewer: ``OK. Do you have any probable cause or do you just want to talk to them?″

Fuhrman: ``... Probable cause? You’re God.″

``It’s like you’re standing on top of a bunch of bodies. ... I mean, that’s just the way you feel, you know? You’ve got 200 niggers who are trying to take you prisoner. You just chase this guy and you beat the (expletive) out of him ...″

``You’ll do what you’re told. You understand nigger? Run, run, run ...″

``You just go out there, and what are you going to do with some nigger with a knife? Go `on guard?′ I mean, that’s (expletive) ...″

``I used to go to work and practice movements. Niggers. They’re easy. And I used to practice my kicks ...″

``Don’t they think they are physically capable? They can arm wrestle 6-foot-7 niggers.″

``He stopped the choke because a bunch of niggers have a bunch of these organizations in the south end and because all niggers were choked out and killed _ 12 in 10 years. Really extraordinary, isn’t it? 12 or ...″

Fuhrman: ``... Incredible. Go to Wilshire Division, Wilshire Division is all niggers. All niggers, nigger training officers, niggers ... with three years on the job.″

``He grew up in the school with all blacks, and every time a nigger looked at him, he’d jump them ’cause he figured they were going to jump on him. So he might as well start the fight right now and get it over with ...″

``Westwood is gone. The niggers have discovered it. When they start moving in to Redondo and Torrance _ that’s considered _ Torrance is considered the last middle-class white society. When that falls ...″

``Female. They don’t do anything. They don’t go out there and initiate a contact with some 6-foot-5 nigger that’s been in prison for seven years pumping weights ...″

``Yeah, you’re talking (expletive). You’re talking (expletive). You sound like a nigger _ talking (expletive). You know, and before you have done something, you can’t talk about it ...″

``They have a bunch of niggers up there, two guys. They’re like 5 (foot) 6, they got punched right in the face. I mean, just punched ...″

``There is the Rolling ’60s nigger group. They went into a sporting goods store and stole 50 Uzis, 3,000 rounds ...″

``These niggers, they run like rabbits.″

``A female responding to a call. What if I’ve just been raped by two buck niggers and some female shows up? What is she going to do? ...″

``Now, it’s funny because guys in Internal Affairs go, ``Mark, you can do just about anything. Get in a bar fight. We’d love to investigate just some good ol’ boy beating up a nigger in a bar.‴

``It’s pretty clear-cut who the (expletive) are. You go to Pacoima, you got bikers and niggers.″

``Nigger drivin’ a Porsche that doesn’t look like he’s got a $300 suit on, you always stop him.″

``How do you intellectualize when you punch the hell out of a nigger?″

``I mean, narcotics isn’t full of niggers and Mexicans. They’re full of white guys that wear cowboy boots.″

``First thing, anything out of a nigger’s mouth for the first five or six sentences is a (expletive) lie.″

``Did you ever try to find a bruise on a nigger? It is pretty tough, huh?″

``Leave that old (police) station. Man, it has the smell of niggers that have been beaten and killed in there for years.″

``Came up with a new name for niggers. Anthrocide. Dark gray color on Porsches. Now nobody’s going to mind being called a anthrocide, do you think?″

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