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Residents share New Year’s resolutions for 2019

December 30, 2018 GMT

As the holidays wind down, people are beginning to look ahead to the new year and what they hope to accomplish in 2019.

The Aiken Standard hit the streets to speak with locals about what goals they wanted to set for themselves to make next year better than the one before.

“I want to get started before the new year,” said Darren Walters. “I think if you’re going to make a resolution, why wait till the new year? (My resolution is) just to be better – better health, better consistency in setting goals, whatever they may be, better at exceeding in business.”

Some people agreed with Walters, saying they didn’t save resolutions for Jan. 1.


“Why wait?” said Cody Reibsome.

“We’re happy,” said Julie Reibsome. “We’re always thinking about that.”

Many people were focused on improving their health in 2019.

“My main resolution is to get back to eating better and being healthy,” said Joy Mason. “Not even so much reaching a certain weight, just being healthy.”

“My New Year’s resolutions are to get back on track into my fitness routine, drink less and eat better,” said Cheryl Rosenberg.

Donna Vernier, who was strolling through downtown Aiken with her husband Mike, had similar goals.

“We resolve to try and focus on health, fitness and positive energy,” said Vernier.

“I want to quit smoking,” said Cacey Lezak. “And I want to make it stick.”

Others wanted to focus on keeping a positive outlook.

“Be less critical and more positive,” said Margaret Shea on her resolution.

“I want to write a daily gratitude for things I’m thankful for,” said Nicole Dickson.

Madison Gilbert, who was having fun with friends near Betsy’s Round the Corner, also wanted to focus on gratitude.

“I’m trying to be more grateful with things we take for granted,” Gilbert said.

Anthony Kelly, who was delivering mail downtown, reflected on self-improvement for the New Year.

“I’m always looking to improve and become a better version of myself,” said Kelly.

Gaye Cain expressed her high hopes for what 2019 would bring.

“I want this year to be gone and next year to be great, and I’m claiming that in the name of Jesus,” Cain said.