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Ask Angie’s List: How can I protect my home against the flu?

By Paul F.P. Pogue Angie's ListMarch 2, 2019

With flu season still going strong, you’ll encounter sniffles and coughs everywhere you go. You probably take steps out in public to protect yourself, such as washing your hands and steering clear of sneezers, but your home represents a major battleground in the fight against flu. Add these cleaning tips and tricks to your arsenal in the germ war.


What do you touch every day? Doorknobs, faucets and toilet handles maintain germs from constant touch. Spray those spots with disinfectant and scrub them down. Also, use a disinfectant wipe to carefully disinfect any electronics-related items you handle frequently, including remote controls, light switches and video game controllers. Your mobile devices and computer keyboards play host to many household germs. Make sure they get wiped down as well.

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