KINGMAN, Ariz. (AP) _ Barry Kiener, a pianist with drummer Buddy Rich's band, has died at age 30 of heart and lung failure that authorities say might have been drug-related.

Kiener, of Rochester, N.Y., died Sunday during a trip from Texas to California, according to officials at Kingman Regional Medical Center and Mohave County Sheriff Joe Bonzelet.

The bus in which Kiener and others of the 17-member band were riding was 15 to 30 miles east of Kingman on Interstate 40 when Kiener was found unconscious, Bonzelet said. Kiener was dead by the time the bus reached the hospital.

Preliminary autopsy results indicated heroin may have been involved, the sheriff said, adding that a burned spoon and a syringe were found on Kiener's body and a field test of a black, tar-like substance in Kiener's wallet indicated the substance was heroin.