Building projects continue countywide

January 30, 2019


Staff Writer

WAYNE - Many projects that were funded or began in the 2018 calendar year are well under way one month in to the new year. Wayne County School Superintendent Todd Alexander gave an update on the ongoing projects at the regular meeting of the Board of Education on Jan. 22.

Major projects at Spring Valley High School are in the beginning stages. Last week, workers began removing gravel from the buildings roof to prepare it for replacement. Alexander said that gravel is being redistributed on the schools campus. Work has also begun on the inside of the building, working toward replacing the HVAC unit.

New air conditioning units have been installed in the Wayne High School and Middle School gymnasiums with Buffalo Middle School next in line for an air-conditioned gym. According to Alexander, Tolsia High School and Vinson Middle will be the next Wayne County schools to receive air conditioning units.

After the completion of one elementary school football bleacher project, new bleachers at Crum Middle School are on the way. Alexander said all materials needed for bleachers at the Crum Middle School football field have been ordered and the project should begin in the near future. The football field at the site, upon further inspection, will also have to be re-crowned due to improper elevation on one end.

A settling issue at Wayne Elementary School has hit an unexpected roadblock. After finding approximately six feet of concrete under the foundation, the project will move on from attempting to raise the settled portion and focus on stabilizing the area of concern instead. Alexander said the project became “a little more complicated” with the discovery but can still be completed with additional planning. He stated that the BOE members were made aware that there was no guarantee that the building would be lifted and that it was prepared for the situation at hand.

The Board of Education meets regularly on the second and fourth Tuesday of each month in the boardroom at the Wayne County Schools Central Office, 212 North Court St., Wayne, W.Va.. Any changes to the date and time will be made in advance of the meeting date. Meetings are always open to the public and minutes from past meetings can be found at www.wayneschoolswv.org/minutes.