MANILA, Philippines (AP) _ A man awaiting trial in the slaying of one of the nation's best-known television personalities was shot fatally Friday after he tried to seize the pistol of an off-duty prison guard, officials said.

Jaime Balatbat, who had been in jail nearly two years on charges arising from the Oct. 14, 1986, slaying of actress and socialite Elvira Manahan, died at a hospital after the early morning shooting at a jail in suburban Makati.

The guard, Patrolman Rolando Ramos, said he was about to leave the prison at the end of his shift when Balatbat approached him, grabbed his hand and tried to seize the pistol from his waist.

''It happened so fast. There were shots. I thought I was hurt, then I saw him fall,'' Ramos said.

Ms. Manahan was the hostess of a popular television talk show ''Two for the Road.''

A maid working for Ms. Manahan had told a court she allowed Balatbat, a former business partner of the actress, into the house and he then went on a shooting rampage.

The maid survived the attack, which killed two other servants. Ms. Manahan was shot in the head and died a few days later.

Balatbat denied the murder charges.